The Municipality of Santa Rosa is an agricultural town where farming is the primary source of living. What was once a sleepy town is now teeming with undeniable progress and unprecedented economic growth and is moving rapidly towards full development. Agriculture eats a large portion of the total land area but a growing stream of business establishments is now changing the landscape of this bustling town. The proper use of its vast and rich natural resources, the resilient characteristic of its people and the unwavering commitment to good and effective governance of its visionary leaders are all working to improve the quality of life of its residents.

Today, Santa Rosa is one of the first class towns, among the twenty seven (27) municipalities of Nueva Ecija. With an area of 24,162 hectares , it is located on the southwestern part of the province, traversed by two major routes, the Maharlika Highway and the Tarlac-Santa Rosa-Fort Magsaysay Road. Santa Rosa is strategically located between growing communities of commerce, trade and education.

Experience the fun in Santa Rosa NE and be astonished by the warm and generous welcome of its residents!